#WednesdayWisdom: The world keeps turning


Well it’s Wednesday, which is about the best I can say for it. It’s not it’s fault, it’s mine, I’m probably not at my intellectual best.

Understandably, I’m sure.

It’s another sunny day, another one when it could be 60 degrees or it could be 80 degrees and there’s no real way to know by just looking at it. I could check the weather though.

Modern conveniences.

As I muck onward, weary, uncertain, I’m groping in my empty bag of tricks for something to illuminate your Wednesday, as has become our habit. And I guess what I have today is this:

The earth never stops turning.

I mean if it did, I think it would be a huge problem. Huge. I’m not entirely sure but I suspect, if it suddenly halted, like unseatbelted people in a car that stops moving, we would fly, fly, fly off and perhaps into space.

Perhaps not.

But it doesn’t. Round and round it goes, in this seemingly infinite universe in which our planet is just one in decillions of decillions, spinning around stars so numerous they form almost a solid carpet from our lonely distance.

Maybe the indifference of the universe is upsetting. Maybe it’s a comfort to know our problems are microscopic in the face of all that endless enormity.

Either way, round and round we go.

Have a great Wednesday.

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