#WednesdayWisdom: It’s OK to stop


I was chatting with a friend on Twitter (HI!) who is watching that Korean show that everyone is talking about (“everyone,”), The Squid Game. I tried the first episode, and while the first part was interesting, the violence made me turn it off.

She was partially through, and found it disturbing enough she needed a break. I told her I just read an article on how it ended, and she’s considering doing the same. And that got me thinking.


Sometimes we grind though things because we feel some kind of obligation. There may not even be any external pressure, we just feel like we “should.” But while it’s OK for art to be challenging at times, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s also OK for entertainment to be entertaining. Isn’t it what it’s there for?

I’ve done it myself, I used to do it all the time, pushing through books I didn’t like, watching television shows I realized I dreaded sitting down for, shows that left me feeling tense, or uncomfortable.

And I’m not talking about those suspenseful shows that keep you edgy but you want to know, I mean like Housewives who only annoyed me.

We don’t have to sit thought it. We don’t have to sit through any of it. And if you’re curious, there is never a shortage of entertainment writers more than happy to explain in extensive detail every nuance, every twist, and every character.

Have a great Wednesday, and remember your free time is yours.

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