#MondayThoughts: Engine unrevved.


A Happy Indigenous Peoples Day to all! Yesterday was the marathon, and though I usually go watch, this year I didn’t. I didn’t want to risk being around so many people with my mom in the hospital.

Today is the Boston Marathon, I have no idea why they put them so close together.

It’s like some things are working hard at being normal, but we’re not there, not yet. Maybe not ever, really, with the people who are doggedly continuing this pandemic, sometimes at the ultimate cost, but not always to themselves.

It’s gray today, maybe drizzly, maybe not, it’s difficult to tell, but there’s no hint of sun in the sky. Feels more like November than October, but for the temperature. Still in the 70s.

If I’m being honest, I’d love today to be a day of nothing, but that’s not going to happen. I have a long drive ahead, and I’m not sure how long, it can vary so much with the traffic.

So I’m going to get on with all things Monday. Have a great day and a fabulous start to your week.

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