#TuesdayThoughts: Boosted


First things first, here’s the latest Mom Update. Since it’s Tuesday and all.

Yesterday I got my COVID booster. Today I’m feeling fine, with only a bit of a sore arm. No world-ending symptoms. I was concerned I’d get a fever or something, many people have, but no.

I got the booster at Walgreens, and there were many people waiting. I ended up pretty early for my appointment. There was a man there who was late.

I thought we could just swap, and the whole world would even out.

It wasn’t even necessary. They got me in and I was done waiting for the 15 minutes just after my appointment time.

So I recommend getting an appointment, mine took a while, a lot of people are getting boosters. Aside from the pain in my arm, I really have nothing.

Maybe I’m a little tired but I don’t know if that can be attributed to the shot. I’ve got some stuff going on.

Anyway that’s it for me. Have a great Tuesday.

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