#TuesdayThoughts: Chilly.


Since it’s Tuesday, let’s start with the link to my Mom Update, in case you are interested. No worries if you haven’t kept up, they’re all stand alone.

I thought it was sunny today, but now I think it’s cloudy. And it’s cold, really cold. Apparently 19 F cold.

That’s cold.

Time to break out the warmer sweaters. Which is a yay.

I mean why live in a cold climate if you don’t love sweaters? That’s basically the whole reason for living in one. The winter gear.

Here we have a whole coat wardrobe, from rain to slightly chilly and dry weather, slightly chilly and wet weather cold weather and colder weather and if you’re going to have to be outside you might was well wear a down comforter weather.

How else do you justify hot cocoa?

And though it gets dark so very, very early, the lights are up everywhere and it looks cozy and charming. So there are some perks.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Have a great Tuesday.

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