#FridayThoughts: Spending the same money to get less.


It’s another one of those days when I can’t really tell what it’s doing outside. I guess I’ll know when it gets there.

I’ve changed up my fitness routine after realizing Daily Burn is on week 3 of “encore” workouts, and by that they mean recycled material. The biggest appeal for me was the fresh content five days a week, but that’s happening less frequently. And given the fast approach of Christmas, I can only assume the encores will continue into the new year.

During the pandemic, it was all recycled for a long time, until they figured out a way to make new 365 workouts with the constraints. And not only did people stick with them (including me), the streamer grew.

In a large part to people (including me) touting them as a gym alternative.

And now it feels like they learned the wrong lesson from that. Not that people will stay loyal and try to help your company through hard times, but that you can provide people less content for the same money and they’ll hang in anyway.

I put my account on pause, and I didn’t even get an auto email over it. I’ve been with Daily Burn for years. Though I don’t participate in the facebook group bc it’s on facebook, I’ve still retweeted the main account and encouraged people to try it.

Perhaps they figure I’m not a heavy user because streaming the workouts on a TV app rarely leads to them being recorded by the site. Perhaps they have grown enough that customer retention isn’t necessary.

I think my pause is going to turn into a permanent quit. There are so many other options now, again, partially because of the pandemic, I don’t see the point of spending the same money to get less.

And that’s me for this Friday. Have a great day and a fantabulous weekend.

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