#TuesdayThoughts: Aren’t we all.


First things first. Given it’s Tuesday, here’s the latest Mom Update. I’m a little under the weather, so I can’t promise brilliance today.

Honestly I’m not sure I can promise brilliance any day.

But still we try, don’t we? I guess?

Anyway, I’ve taken to getting silicone covers for my keyboard. They wear out, fading around the A and the E and the S and the I and the Enter and the Shift, rendering them illegible, and then they’re all difficult to read and then the smallest of holes in the middle, and then it’s like a touch-typing exercise.

Good luck to me.

Sometimes the covers are clear, but I’ve found as they wear they also render the keys anonymous somehow. Besides, I like to add color.

It’s fun and impermanent.

Given I am prone to beverages and snacks while typing, it’s really the best for all involved and by all involved I mean my computer. I hear they don’t like crumbs.

I recommend them if you can find them for your keyboard, they’re model-specific. Yes, they are ephemeral, but aren’t we all.

Have a great Tuesday.

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