#FridayThoughts: illusion of evolved.


It’s gray today, maybe rainy. Feels appropriate.

I’m tired, but it’s more the weary kind of tired than the lack-of-sleep kind. Everywhere you look, things are a slog, and I say that knowing that thousands of miles away there are people who would love my slog over their life-or-death slog.

So I feel weird even raising it.

This awful war in Ukraine, this unprovoked aggression from putin, really illustrates how some people are only the illusion of evolved. He’s nothing more than one of our way, way, way back primate ancestors, intent on domination.

With much deadlier weapons.

Here we are in this 21st century, more the future than people could have imagined and we still have people who can’t just leave other people alone.

How weird is that?

How does the future get better if we don’t?

Maybe a bummer of a note to leave you on for a Friday, but here we are.

Either way, have a great day and a great weekend, if both of those things are possible.

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