#TuesdayThoughts: A random memory


It’s Tuesday, so here is my Mom Update, “Endless Teeter Totter,” if you’re interested. And on with the post.

I used to have a friend, you know the kind you meet through the virtual universe. And I started signing off my blog posts the way I do now, wishing you the best for your day.

And what sticks in my mind is the way he told me I was repeating myself too frequently in the way I did it, choosing the wrong words, wrong because they became familiar.

Here I am, years later, struck by the audacity of it, his feeling that censoring this space that is all mine, completely mine, was within his realm. His boldness to make me feel awkward, to make me feel bad about something that is strictly between me and you.

The thing is I stopped doing it.

But then it came back, a daily rhythm that found itself in tune with the weekly one. And here we are.

We later fell out because he said something incredibly offensive, and I had the nerve to be offended by it. He was angry at me.

It’s happened that way more than once, I’m sure you’ve experienced it too, where the crime isn’t the offense but the noting of the offense, the refusing to ignore the offense.

And off they go. Gone, mostly forgotten, and honestly, not missed.

A random memory, to be sure.

Anyway, have a fantastic Tuesday.

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