#MondayThoughts: An “accent” is a sign of knowledge.


I’ve been watching a bunch of Korean shows lately. They’re a fabulous escape, and so very, very engrossing.

And sometimes I look at the words in Korean that show up in various places and marvel that people read both that alphabet and the English one. They’re so incredibly different, and the language structure also seems different, though I don’t know for sure.

I could find out, there are enough programs to learn new languages. Talk about a challenge.

But it makes me think about how poorly multilingual people are treated in the US if their first language isn’t English.

Think about this, that because someone speaks English with an “accent,” others of certain stripes–you know the ones–look down on them. Despite the reality.

In a quote attributed to both Sidney Sheldon and Lorenzo Lamas, give or take a few words: “Just remember, when someone has an accent, it means that he knows one more language than you do.”

I’m not sure who said it first, but the point remains; an accent is a sign of knowledge, not ignorance.

Sometimes I think, living here, knowledge itself is the enemy.

Anyway, that’s enough randomness for one Monday. Have a great day.

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