#TuesdayThoughts: Desperate attempts to change the subject


It’s Tuesday, so here’s my #MomUpdate, “Only footsteps ahead and behind.” And now on with Tuesday.

It’s a gray day, thunderstorms ahead. Very fitting.

I’ve noticed a ramping up of topics intended to change the subject from gun reform on twitter, to take the heat off of Republicans. Right now my mentions are flooded with student loan people.


It feels coordinated but what do I know I’m just a writer typing away on her little blog in her little corner of the internet. Silly me.

I wrenched my back a bit working out on Saturday, and I’ve been doing only yoga in an attempt to let it get better. It’s improved a lot but I want my cardio.

I need my cardio.

It’s gone from chilly to stifling in the span of a week. I love my city but seriously, weather, pick a mood.

Just one.

And that’s it for me today on this humid Tuesday. Have a great day and don’t let the trolls steer the conversation.

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