#FridayThoughts: If you hurt yourself, let it heal.


It’s definitely, indisputably June. It’s sunny and warm and the kind of day that makes Chicagoans quietly smile at one another with a secret “See? This is why we live here.”

When they’re not wearing masks, anyway.

Which I still do. Very strictly.

It’s not over yet.

I got moving slowly today, so everything feels a lap behind. I guess that’s OK on a Friday, at least I hope so.

My back feels worlds better, so take note. If you hurt yourself, let it heal. We have such a tendency to treat pain as weakness. I don’t know if that’s true all over the world, but it certainly is here. You can see it even in our political discourse; tears over senselessly murdered people are mocked by Republicans. They brandish guns during official sessions.

They tell us that they need semi-automatic weapons to protect chickens from racoons. How did the farmers get along before them?

Anyway, my point is if it hurts, stop. Ease into things. Tend to the source of the pain. When you do, instead of piling onto it, you’ll be better for it.

And that’s it for me for the week. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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