#WednesdayWisdom: Duck legs.


It’s gray and rainy today and someone, somewhere, is sanding floors. There’s a very specific hum to it, a bouncing reverberation.

Perhaps I can make it retreat to the background at will.

It’s been a slow morning for me, one of those days where it seems like staying in bed wouldn’t matter one way or another. The universe seems to have other ideas.

Given the sanding.

I’ll get it together. Eventually.

Case in point: to you it probably looks like I just sat down and typed this thing. The cursor, however, begs to differ.

I think that’s how we get such a warped view of how hard things are for us versus other people. To us, it can look like one smooth, quick action, when, in reality, the work and effort behind it don’t show.

We see smoothed-over pictures online; we hear abridged stories of success; we demand, emphatically, that everyone cut to the chase.

But the chase is a brief moment, and no one really thinks about the weeks of planning and engineering behind it.

So that’s what I have for you this Wednesday. If you must compare yourself to other people, remember all you’re seeing is that duck above the water. It’s really difficult to see its legs.

Have a great Wednesday.

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