#FridayThoughts: Republicans, the anti-life party.


Well Roe is overturned. That means there is no nationwide right to a safe abortion in the United States anymore. The land of the free is no longer, at least for women.

Guns are fine though.

The guns are very, very free.

Republicans are ruining this country, bit by bit, doggedly making lives more miserable, existence more awful. Not only to make a buck–and that’s their thing, money–but I think because they genuinely enjoy harming others.

They are, in all senses, anti-life. They don’t care about bundles of tissues inside women’s bodies; they care about controlling those bodies, subjugating them. Making women something less than human.


If they weren’t anti-life, we wouldn’t have guns everywhere, something the Supreme Court ensured more of days ago. If they weren’t anti-life they wouldn’t be trying to starve children and seniors and people with disabilities.

If they weren’t anti-life, they would have abolished the death penalty and backed health care and police reform and education and daycare.

They are anti-life.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently, and say it loudly and often.

Republicans are anti-life. A lot of women, girls and other pregnant people will die and/or be permanently physically and psychologically harmed.

They’re celebrating that. As only the anti-life can do.

Have a weekend that will help you to work toward change.

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