#MondayThoughts: 4th of whatever.


Update: there was a mass shooting at local suburban 4th of July parade. At least 9 wounded, according to reports.

It’s technically Independence Day here in the US but given my recent relegation to something less than a full citizen of the United States, I’m not feeling terribly patriotic. Meanwhile the very same Justices who just said I don’t have rights over my own body are complaining about protesters outside of their homes.

For everyone playing along out there, there was an actual Supreme Court case ruling people could protest outside the homes of government officials. Of course when they ruled that, they assumed they wouldn’t be the government officials.

No, it’s so the forced birth people could scream at local politicians outside of where they lived. And then the people who claimed masks were tyranny could scream outside of the homes of people merely trying to help them not die.

And now those same people want women to pass checkpoints to go state to state, something that is patently unconstitutional

At least it was.

The only answer I see is electing more Democrats to the Senate, holding the House and expanding the Court to 13 Justices, tied to the number of Federal Circuits.

I’ve also seen people saying Congress could grand Washington, DC statehood; I don’t know if that’s accurate but that’s fine with me.

So that’s where I am today. No parades, no barbeques, no waving flags.

I’ll save them for when we win in November. Have a great Monday.

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