#WednesdayWisdom: Notice.


It’s gray and probably rainy today. It rained overnight, lots of flashes of lightning but I didn’t hear much sound.

A lot of things are wearing me out right now. So many, many things. This is not the world of the future I imagined as a child.

The idea that we are heading firmly backward into times that are not good, ignoring progress, reversing progress and deliberately narrowing a limitless future is completely bizarre to me.

Why would anyone want that?

It only serves the very few, the ones with power and money, so much money it doesn’t make sense.

This planet has enough for everyone, why do so many people want to hoard more than they could ever use? I really don’t get it.

But we get there in tiny, tiny baby steps, things changing in increments so we don’t notice.

Today I ask you this: Notice.

When you read something, ask yourself who it serves. When you hear something, ask yourself who it serves. When something is framed a certain away, ask yourself if it’s true.

Taking things at face value is how they get you to give away your bright future in exchange for their bleak dystopian self-serving one.


Will it ultimately help people in the long run?

Will it actively harm them?

Is it your business?


And have a great Wednesday.

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