#MondayThoughts: Roiling.


I’m steaming mad today, though at least the temperature doesn’t agree. It’s pretty moderate I think.

It’s also brightly sunny, as though the weather is pleased for a Monday. Well good for it.

I’ve been encountering subtle and not-so-subtle misogyny on wild twitter, from people I would hope would know better.

From people I would hope would believe better.

But they’re not going to read this anyway.

In a time where states are seriously discussing preventing women from freely traveling, there is no room for chortling and pointed fingers. No room for reliance on numbers I believe were gleefully and wrongfully compiled to make room for untoward actions we’ve never fully explored.

But wow do people love love love to hate women.

So do me a favor and try to catch yourself. See if you join in. See how quick you are to agree.

And have a great Monday.

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