#ThursdayThoughts: Promptless


No ten word prompt this week, having some slight technical problems, and I don’t have the patience to try to figure out what isn’t working.

So it goes.

I’ll take it as a sign that we should all keep our eyes forward toward the hearing tonight, our last prime time hearing of the January 6 Committee. They will provide all the stories we need today.

It’s hot, of course, but not nearly as hot as in other places, and even so, I think the heat saps my reserves. I am definitely not a tropical island person, at least at the time of year you have to pay for all that endless beauty.

I’m more of a tropical island with plenty to do out of the sun kind of person.

But these wildly high temperatures should finally have us thinking about what, exactly, we’re doing to this planet. Some areas will be beyond the tolerance of humans.

What a strange thing to fight, taking care of the planet.

Anyway, that’s it for me today, just a bit of rambling with not enough caffeine.

And I never get to say this to you: have a great Thursday.

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