#WednesdayWisdom: Break a rule.


I may get my thunderstorms today, but I’ll probably have to wait until later. That’s fine, I can wait.

I can wait.

The heaviness of the air makes me think I may not have to wait as long as promised, but we’ll see.

I’m inventorying my wisdom right now. So many bits gathered over the years, like plan ahead and break up large tasks into smaller ones and don’t sit on the remote.

That last one is mine.

Don’t sit on the remote.

It’s advice I never seem able to take myself. I once returned my TV to factory settings somehow by sitting on the remote. I still don’t know how I managed that.

But it does bring me to today: at some point, break a rule. Now, I’m not talking anything illegal or unethical or that will get you fired. Not society’s rules, aka laws, or your employer’s rules or boundaries that someone else has set.

Break one of your rules.

We all have them, these codes that we live by that make sense to only us, that don’t necessarily impact much aside from keeping us in the same pattern.

So today, break one.

If you want, let me know how it goes. And have a great Wednesday.

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