#MondayThoughts: Creaky


It’s gray and rainy today, with a constant fine drizzle. I didn’t sleep well last night, but sometimes that happens.

I’m tired today.

Yesterday had some drama over a package that still hasn’t been delivered, so Monday is off to a creaky start. Plus, it’s Monday.



I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “how is the coffee helping?” And my answer to that is a very halting…eh.

I had to take some Benadryl and I’ve got to say it’s not helping with the alertness. Proof to that: I originally left out the “not” in the previous sentence, which would have been wonderfully ironic if I didnt’ catch it.

That plus weather makes me think sleeping the day away wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Not going to do it.

But I’m tempted.

Anyway, that’s it for me on this slow-moving Monday. Have a lovely day.

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