#WednesdayWisdom: Credit where credit is due IF…


Well my cold or whatever this is had ideas other than packing it in because today I’m back to feeling icky. Not overtly anything enough to complain loudly about, of course, but just that kind of low-grade tired you can’t really define.

Annoying, but at least almost certainly not COVID. I say “almost” because another test is brewing as we speak. They’re like a little at-home science experiment.

I put in the drops and watched the dye sweep across the test strip like a marching storm. So far it’s clear but I still have nearly 10 minutes to go.

The weather is mild, though, and I am locked in a battle of wills with this bug.

Seems like it might not be the best use of will but eh, why not.

Today I’m thinking about heroism being ascribed to actions of very, very basic decency, and how terrible the rest of Republicans are that something so obvious as “attempting to overthrow the government is bad” became a reason to excommunicate a member.

We are at the “trump over the Constitution” phase of Republican fascism. And you know who they’re touting as the “savior?”


Who…well…just google what’s going on in Florida. It’s not “moderate” by any stretch of the imagination.

So here we are, in a position of having to persuade people that fascism is bad and you don’t really want to live that way. And people want to laud someone who voted with the fascists about 93% of the time.

My belief is this: credit where credit is due IF CREDIT IS EARNED.

You’d think that would be implied by the “due” part but people want to give credit for the mere suggestion that someone might do the right thing.

I don’t mourn the loss of a Cheney in Congress. I support the Democrat running for that seat, Lynette Grey Bull. And if Cheney wants that credit, so should she.

After all, she asked Democrats to vote for her in the primary.

And with that, I bid you a good and circumspect Wednesday.

PS: COVID is again negative!

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