#WednesdayWisdom: When the government asks for their documents back…


Well the Department of Justice filed one heck of a memo just before midnight, and it detailed all the steps taken to retrieve documents from trump before the search of mar a lago. The government tried requests; it then tried a subpoena; trump’s lawyer swore that all the documents were returned.

But wouldn’t let the government look inside of the boxes in the storage room.

And now we know that wasn’t true, there were more seized, according to the memo, in a “few hours” by FBI agents than were returned. There is no scenario in which this is OK.

There is no good defense. Secret documents, according to the filing, were found in trump’s own desk. The FBI seized his personal belongings because they were comingled with the government’s documents.

And earlier this morning, Republicans treated the photo accompanying the filing as a joke, talking some framed Time magazine covers in a box next to the array of documents with “Top Secret” and “Classified” cover pages.

Now they want to blame Pres. Biden for trump’s actions. It’s enough to turn your stomach.

What we do know is the CIA lost a number of human assets last year. Did trump do that? Did he sell them out?

We may never know for sure.

So my nugget of wisdom for you today: when the government asks for its documents back, just hand them over.

You probably won’t be in this position but it’s always better to plan ahead.

And have a great Wednesday.

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