MondayThoughts: Labor of the Day.


It’s gray and cloudy. Probably soon to be rainy, though the weather appears to disagree.

It is, of course, Monday.

But a holiday Monday. Labor Day, which honors the blood, sweat and lives lost by the labor movement in this country. Labor fought hard for safety and reasonable hours and better working conditions.

And now people have been talked into giving all of that away, convinced that modern industry “gets it.”

It doesn’t “get it.”

They’re the ones doing the convincing.

The “right to work” really means the opposite, but that is a deeper discussion than we tend have here. I will say this: if someone claims you’re better off with fewer rights, know that means THEY’RE better off if you have fewer rights.

The exception, of course, to this is the US gun culture, which stems from a deliberate misreading of the Constitution and has morphed into some kind of “right” to wield any kind of death machine at will.

But that’s another longer, deeper discussion than we tend to have here.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. Spare a thought for all the people who lost their lives to corporate greed, and the ones who suffered greatly to bring about better, safer working conditions. Have a great Monday.

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