#WednesdayWisdom: Many options doesn’t mean different options.


It’s the kind of sunny with those thin, pale clouds you can’t really tell are there, and I’ve had a good breakfast and a good coffee and perhaps even a good night’s sleep, though I won’t swear to it.

I had a great workout.

There’s some kind of constant machine noise outside I can’t really pinpoint, but I’m nonetheless feeling better than I have in days. No middle-of-the-night calls about my mom, that’s a plus. My new yoga blocks are on their way.

That’s a plus too.

Yesterday, I was in Dragon Pose when my blocks started listing to the side and then eventually toppled. Tried it again, over they went.

Not going to mess around with that, I was close to the ground and fine but they need to be stable. You’d be shocked by the number of yoga blocks available.

But running through page after page of options, I realized there probably wasn’t a lot of difference. They were all highly rated. The prices were pretty much grouped.

So I picked some I thought were pretty and they should be here tomorrow. They even come with a yoga strap. I have one, but why not add another?


I guess what I’m saying is when faced with a wall of “choices,” sometimes it’s a false impression. Sometimes there are no rights or wrongs.

Just a heck of a lot of yoga blocks.

Have a great Wednesday.

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