#ThursdayThoughts: Not a prompt but a post.


No ten word prompt today, it’s been a very tiring week and my brain is not up to the task. Sorry everyone who likes to participate.

But we can just hang out instead.

It’s sunny today, and quiet, more quiet than you might expect. My mom is doing better, which is also probably more than you would expect.

I’ve told you she’s tough.

Meanwhile, I feel like a dinghy with a hole in it, slowly leaking air as it’s pulled along by a huge boat it cannot control.

Life is not for wimps.

Hmm, I’m sounding more morose than I actually feel, I’m more in need of a nap than anything else. Maybe that will even happen.

I did eat hospital food this week, which could lead to a migraine and it’s possible that’s what it is, those early stages where I start feeling as though I’m made of cement. Let’s hope it’s not that.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. Have a great Thursday (and if you want to use the image as a prompt anyway, go for it!).

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