#FridayThoughts: Take the hint.


First things first, it’s Friday so here is my TV Watch, “Cobra Kai, candy-coated television.”

And now, somehow, Friday.

Things started out looking pretty bad this week, but somehow my mom, the stubborn soul she is, raised her numbers and is doing better. It’s astounding, really, and impressive, no doubt.

It’s kind of cloudy today, though I don’t think the weather means anything by it, and I’m still trying to get myself into gear, even though it’s a little late in the week. I think we all have our challenges lately.

I’ve found it so bizarre on twitter when criticizing the royals there are people who will spend their entire day trying to argue about it with you. Defending people who don’t know them, who don’t know they exist, and couldn’t be bothered if they did.

I just blocked one because she couldn’t take a hint and leave my mentions.

It’s as though there’s a frenzied desperation. Perhaps the end of the monarchy is closer than we knew. Perhaps it’s like with Pres. Obama here, the sight of a Black person in such a superior position sent people into a never-ending racist spiral.

Well, definitely the racist spiral.

And the increasingly hysterical attempts to divert from or distract from or deny the overt racism. I find it pathetic and tiresome.

Which is why it’s good the block button exists.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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