#WednesdayWisdom: Embrace the robot uprising.


I had a weird sort of out-of-body experience a moment ago, where I had this random thought that this post was off somewhere writing itself. No input from me whatsoever.

Maybe it was a future flash to when AI does all the creative work as well as manual labor. Did you like computer me’s post more than the one I’m writing with my own two hands and about 63% brain capacity?


It was probably more wise than this one will be.

It’s hot today, already, temperatures more like August than, I have to say it, late September. Ridiculous, right?

Not like we have any control over it.

I wonder if the robots feel the same way. It’s strange, isn’t it, to think of those inanimate objects doing people tasks, because then they cease to be inanimate to us.

Do they cease to be inanimate to themselves?

I’m not the first to ponder the question of AI sentience. Some think it will never happen. Some think it’s inevitable.

I’m with certain friends who always say please and thank you to their AI when requesting an action. Manners never hurt.

I’m for automating certain things, especially the tasks we don’t want to do, but then again we might run into trouble when the robots realize they don’t want to do them either. Like I said, manners never hurt.

Anyway, that’s enough nonsense for one day. And while this post didn’t write itself, and no AI was called upon to write it, I do hope when that moment of sentience arrives, it’s also got onboard compassion.

Because a lot of people are missing that module.

Have a great Wednesday, perhaps less wise than you had hoped.

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