#FridayThoughts: Between Monday and Friday.


It’s Friday, so here is the link to my TV Watch, “Booted for ‘Reboot,'” if you’re interested. It wasn’t the show I said I’d be writing about on Monday.

Isn’t that the thing about weeks?

Between Monday and Friday, your whole perspective can change, your plans can change, your intentions can change. I was set to write about a different show entirely, and then I watched something else.

And it inspired me.

With creative pursuits, you’ve got to grab your inspiration when it comes. It’s a fickle, fleeting thing.

It’s OK to be flexible. It’s OK to change your point of view. It’s not good to be rigid in all things. That’s how you break.

Besides, with all that’s been going on with my mom, the ups and downs and ups and downs, levity was the better focus.

And that’s OK too. You’ve got to take care of yourself. It’s OK to point your energy at you.

With that I will bid you a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend.

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