#WednesdayWisdom: where your energy goes.


Yesterday it turned cloudy, and in the middle of the night, it rained. Unable to sleep, I looked outside and saw a hushed world of shiny wet pavement under the streetlights.

But today, no trace of the rain. Although between writing that originally and getting ready to publish, the clouds seemed to have other ideas.

It’s chilly now, properly so, but not unpleasantly so. But I am not at my wisdomy best.

Though, let’s be honest, who knows what my wisdomy best actually is.

And there it is. We don’t have to be at our best all the time. No one can keep that up, it’s physically and mentally exhausting.

Sometimes 75% is enough. Sometimes 50% is enough.

Sometimes 25% is enough.

Sometimes anything at all is enough.

You can choose where your energy goes. It’s your energy. It belongs to no one else but you.

The way you share it is a gift, not an obligation, though I know, that’s easier said than absorbed.

I’ve read we should replace “I should” and “I have to” with “I choose to.” When you do, everything feels entirely different.

And the things you thought you should you may not choose to do.

With that I wish you a wonderful Wednesday.

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