#FridayThoughts: New and Old


First things first, I’ve started a new series on Medium called “TV Watch!” Here’s the first one, A League of Their Own. Every Friday, I hope to bring you some TV thoughts and something to watch. Check it out!

And now Friday.

It’s sunny but September, so who knows how long this will last. I’m definitely seeing hints of changing leaves. It’s that time of year.

The grass is very yellow.

It’s been a fast week, a busy week, and one of those that now that we’re at Friday, is much a blur. Politically it was very packed. Last night, Pres. Biden told the nation that there’s no room for political violence, that you either support the Constitution or you don’t and today there are choruses of people outraged.

Which tells you where they stand.

But consequences are in the air. It’s hard to know when we’ll finally see the people who deserve them getting what they deserve but, like fall, it feels like it’s coming.

And that’s it for me this week. Have an amazing Friday and terrific weekend!

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#ThursdayThoughts ten word photo prompt: Expanse

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s THURSDAY! That means it’s time for our #ThursdayTen.

Using the image above as a prompt, write a ten word story.

EXACTLY ten words.

You can do it! I have faith.

Ready? Here’s mine:

Fresh from the water, Agata reformed.

Human again.

Starting again.