#WednesdayWisdom: Be better than this.


It’s super sunny after yesterday’s rain, some leftover puddles here and there. The sky is pale and blue like it was washed clean.

Today I find myself deeply disappointed in humanity, and though that’s not an entirely unusual situation, it’s getting wearing. Which I suppose is the point.

But the comments about Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman are incredibly disheartening and deeply disturbing. He is working at recovering from a stroke, and that doesn’t make him a bad person or unable to work as a Senator.

What is wrong with people?

Are we still so into the dark ages that compromised health means a person has no worth? Are they less of a person?

And do you understand the irony of this discussion as states across the country grant greater rights to a bundle of cells–that’s what it is, a bundle of cells–than the fully formed adult in whom they’re lodged?

A man who has had a stroke can’t be a Senator but maybe the bundle of cells can.

Just be better than this. Don’t couch ableism in feigned concern. And understand that people who have to do things differently, who look different, who talk differently, who move differently probably had to work a lot harder than you do to do all of those things.

And that takes courage and resolve.

Have a good Wednesday.

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