#MondayThoughts: Condolences to Korea


Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash. From the moment the news broke about the horrific crowd crush at a Halloween even in Itaewon, an area of Seoul, my heart broke. The death toll rose and rose and continues to rise; all those young, vibrant people, out for a fun night, gone forever.

Over the last year or so, while undergoing my own slow-moving horror, it’s felt like Korea has welcomed me through its art, specifically television. A generous host, it has offered me laughter, intrigue, romance, suspense, tears. The dramas have cocooned me, introduced me to people it’s fun to get to know over the span of a series, have kept my mind occupied with new words and new scenery and new foods.

I’ve gotten glimpses of culture I’d never see as a visitor. I’ve learned about the rituals of death and mourning.

And now, after so much death, there will be so much mourning.

I hope the families of the victims of this shockingly sad tragedy will find comfort and solace, and I offer both, even from half a world away. This will scar not only them but an entire nation, an entire generation whose peers lost their lives so quickly, so needlessly.

Please know we watch in sorrow along with you as the story continues to unfold.

Deepest, deepest condolences.


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