#WednesdayWisdom: Eventually.


And we’re snowing again, but today I think it’s going to stick. It was going to have to.


Somehow I cricked my neck while sleeping, and it’s bothering me. I did yoga to try to ease the tightness but it didn’t seem to help. I’ll work it out.


Somethings we want right now. Like unsore necks.

And some things can wait a while. Like a full coating of snow.

But most of the time, we really have no control over either. Probably especially the snow, but hey, you’ve to got to be optimistic.

The best we can do is adapt. Grab the cold weather gear. Watch out for patches of ice.

Don’t push it with the neck.

I feel like I’m missing an opportunity with not sticking your neck out but it’s not exactly relevant, no matter how appropriate the wordplay.


Anyway, back to that point drifting off in the distance, there’s much we can’t control, but if we adapt, we can do our best to deal with it.


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