#FridayThoughts: Haven’t been my favorite


It’s FRIDAY! So #TVWatch this week is Thanksgiving-themed, and I’ve ranked the Bob’s Burgers holiday eps in order of my favorites here in “Thrill the turkey.”

And now Friday.

Twitter seems to be on the thinnest of ice. I haven’t made a definitive move to another platform, I’ll hang with Twitter until there’s no Twitter, I think, but after that, I will make sure you can still find me on other platforms. And of course I’m always here.

Well not always, that just made me picture myself hanging around the blog, waiting. A funny head image.

When I started writing this morning, the sky was low with heavy, dark clouds but now that I look up from the screen, it’s pretty sunny. There are still clouds, but who knows if they are serious about it.

It’s been a very volatile week and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to calm down soon. Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed the leadership torch to Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the perfect person for the job; Twitter seems to be going the way of the dodos because of one particular dodo, though who knows if it’s accidental;nand Republicans somehow solved all the problems they kept bleating about before the election because now their only issue is Hunter Biden’s laptop.


And I have to say without reservation the last few years haven’t been my favorite. It’s amazing how much people you’ve never met can impact your life, both for the bad and for the good.

That’s it for me this week, I hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend. I’ll still be here Monday even if Twitter isn’t there.

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