#TuesdayThoughts: If nothing else


It’s Tuesday so time for #ChatTuesday! This week: “The Weird Holiday Wagon.”

And now Tuesday. I still haven’t come up with a new Tuesday theme, I’m sure something will arise organically. Or not.

I got my COVID booster yesterday, finally, apparently cases are on the rise again I’m pretty much fine, my arm hurts a bit. I’m sure it will be better soon, it’s just the way it goes with these things.

It’s sunny today and not terribly cold, as though the weather is trying to pretend last week never happened. Or lull us into a false sense of security before it starts snowing for real.

It’s tough to tell.

Went shopping yesterday for Thanksgiving, my dad and I decided I’d make a meal at his place. In past years we went out to this packed little family-owned steak restaurant that sadly no longer exists.

This year we looked for takeout, but the menus seemed so overworked, like they were trying too hard. One restaurant had the perfect menu, but it was dine-in only. And honestly I didn’t have the heart for that this year.

But I know what I’m making and how I’m making it, my dad will do most of the knifework and a lot of the prep and we’ll see how it goes.

Last year we had the most incredibly depressing meal in a hospital cafeteria, the only real seasoning aside from salt the worry and uncertainty. So if nothing else, this year will be different from that.

Anyway, that’s it for me today, and if you’re in a similar boat (or wagon, as I put it) do check out my Chat Tuesday. I hope it can help, at least a little. Have a great Tuesday.

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