#MondayThoughts: Monday moody


November is hanging on by mere minutes, it feels, and I’m really not ready for this year to be over. It felt like it just started; it feels like it’s lasted a lifetime.

It’s funny how technical difficulties always seem to come in packs, but I’m almost on top of them, I think, finally. Almost back to coasting, in essence.

Coasting is nice.

Meanwhile it’s a very sunny day, not too cold, but I’m Monday tired if you know what I mean. That kind where it’s difficult to get into gear, where everything you have to do seems wildly overwhelming until you’ve done it and then you wonder what the fuss was until you get going on the next thing.

We all have those weeks, I think.

Maybe you don’t, and that would be awesome.

Maybe your secret is coffee. Maybe your secret is that special kind of sleep that starts when it’s supposed to and ends when it’s supposed to and only contains enough dreams to keep you amused. The kind where you wake up like in an ad for breakfast cereal, bounding out of bed.

Congratulations, that sounds amazing.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. Have a great Monday and a fabulous start to your week.

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