#WednesdayWisdom: Take the road more traveled.


So I opened this post, got distracted with other things, and came back to find a prompt: “Do you have a favorite place you’ve visited? Where is it?”

I’ve never gotten a prompt before, though usually I get further than not starting a post before something pulls my attention away. But you know what?

Why not go with the prompt?

We don’t always have to take the hard road. There isn’t necessarily honor or extra universal bonus points in it. It’s OK to take the road more traveled, if that’s your inkling.

So do I have a favorite place I’ve visited?

That’s a harder question than it sounds because going anywhere can be a gift. I’ve been very, very lucky. I’ve gotten to see Darwin’s finches with my own eyes, flittering through customs and perched on the back of a tour bus seat.

I’ve seen otters playing among glaciers in Alaska and breathed air cool and crisp even in the middle of July.

I’ve watched the funniest play I’ve ever seen in London, and wandered through an Edinburgh crammed to its gills during the Festival, I’ve glimpsed treasures in our nation’s capital and the most unbelievable flowers made of glass in Boston.

Here at home I can visit some of the world’s greatest works of art like old friends, examine the skeletons of long-gone beasts, Zen out jellyfish living their calm existence. Choosing a favorite seems unnecessary.

They’re all amazing in their own way, all special experiences neatly filed away in my mind.

So I guess only sort of used the prompt. And there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Have a great Wednesday.

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