#TuesdayThoughts: Elaborate magic trick


First, #ChatTuesday, “Quiet corner of calm.” And now on to Tuesday!

I don’t know if it’s raining or snowing or all of the above or none of the above but it’s one of those heavy cloud days, which seems appropriate somehow. It’s a heavy feeling this week, I don’t know if it’s just me.

Or if it’s everyone,

Of course this time of year was bound to be tough for me, at least last year when my mom was sick, I could get her things or pick a gift for her.

This year there will be no gifts.

Not for her, not for my brother, but that’s one of those things no one can do a thing about. We can only accept it and move on, but when you think about the actions behind those words, it all seems like an elaborate magic trick.

Today I’m fresh out of magic.

Oh well.

Things are changing, as they always do, and I’m not entirely thrilled about that either. As if you couldn’t tell by now.

So I’m going to go grump my way through the day, or reread my Quiet corner of calm post to try to get back into that headspace, one or the other.

And you have a fantastic Tuesday.

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