#TuesdayThoughts: Just get it done.


First, #ChatTuesday, “Things we don’t understand.” And now Tuesday.

The sky is looking pretty ominous right now. We’re not supposed to get snow until Thursday, something I had no idea about until my friend Sherry (HI!) warned me over on Twitter. I blithely said “oh I don’t think so” and then looked at the forecast.

Dramatic for sure.

And now it looks like it wants to get going early. I am not on board.

Yet somehow I don’t think the weather is going to listen to me. Weird, right?

So obstinate.

The last several days I’ve had things to do and at some point I realized if I tried to do them perfectly, they’d never be done. Perfection is a very cruel siren, always beckoning.

Always bashing you against the rocks.

That’s my gift to you this week, if you need outside permission. Don’t worry about perfection.

Just get it done.

And with that, this post is now done. Have a great Tuesday.

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