#TuesdayThoughts or #TuesdayVibes? Hmm.


First things first, #ChatTuesday! This week it’s “When it did hit me.” And now on to Tuesday.

Still thinking about a different tone for over here than Chat Tuesday, and I’m wondering if moving to Tuesday Vibes is the way to go. Though honestly I don’t really know the difference.

I thought the vibes were supposed to be more positive, but I’m not sure.

We could do with a guaranteed positive post once a week. Would I be in a position to write it?

Maybe. It might be good for all of us.

We’ll see.

We were told it would rain today, but here it is, sunny as anything, a few streaky clouds in the sky but not the kind that rain. Maybe that’s rain way down on the horizon.

It’s really too difficult to tell.

I’m moving a little faster and a little better than I was yesterday, metaphorically speaking. In terms of the moving. That’s metaphorical.

Can’t say my clarity is up though. Apparently.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. Have a fantastic Tuesday, with a lot of the positive. See? Not so hard.


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