Reality Blights


By Dfb2k01 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Somebody left the rationality rod ajar again. We’re living in times when dreams make more sense than what’s passing for reality.

As a writer of science-fiction, I call foul.

(You know it’s Monday when I work a sports cliche into a blog post. What’s that hypothetical reader? You suspect a case of the Monday Brain? You suspect right.)

Another clear sign of a Monday? Me delving into the origin of the phrase “call foul” to make sure it really did start with sports. Because it could be Shakespeare, you know,

Shakespeare invented everything.

Now where we again? Yes. Logic. Reasoning. Rationality.

We are dealing with people in positions of great power who claim that the very structures of truth and fact can be shaped to their desires, and that has an effect on us all. As writers, many of us are probably wondering how fake truth became even stranger than truth which has always been ranked stranger than fiction (according to Mark Twain, at least).

Which leaves an imagination feeling a little less than creative. There’s no topping what’s happening now. It’s as though all the writers off in the great beyond have gotten together to weave us a doozy of a tale.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t trade in happy endings.

So here’s the pointy bit of this meandery post: if you feel like your creativity is currently on the fritz, outmatched by a reality more bizarre than anything you could conjure, you are not alone.

And that’s OK.

When all else fails, take, uhm, “reality” and make it weirder. It’s all just sitting there anyway.

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