#MondayThoughts: New printer


With all the sales last week, I had an eye on a new printer. What prompted this printer wanderlust?

Well, I got new ink for my old printer and I realized I could probably get an entirely new printer for the same price. I mean…that’s ridiculous, right?

And the truth is the old printer and I have never really seen eye-to-eye. It’s slow, so very, very slow, so slow that, when you tell it it needs to print, it thinks about it. And thinks about it. And thinks about it.

Then tells you it’s low on ink.

The scanning is so awkward. Everything about it is awkward. Still, it worked and I didn’t want to replace it until it didn’t. But then the ink became ludicrously expensive.

I admit it was slow to set up my new printer, because printer setup has always been so frustrating, but it wasn’t bad. And there it sits, all ready to go, looking so much sleeker than the previous black chunk.

Change can be good, you guys. Have a great post-holiday Monday.

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