#WednesdayWisdom: The circle of boats


It’s a hazy, foggy kind of day, the sun glaring off of the white. Cooler than yesterday I think.

I had trouble falling asleep and then didn’t sleep long, so I’m tired today in that streaky, floaty kind of way. The coffee has yet to help.

Might need more.

I can’t rule it out.

A friend over on twitter posted this tweet, and I replied:

The circle of boats. Here in Chicago, they’re starting to return like flocks of seabirds, nesting into their docks. There, in the crystal blue sea, their time to bask in the tropical sun has ended for now.

Everything has an ebb and flow. Everything has a time and a season.

Our seasons don’t always align.

Sometimes our seasons flow around one another, you to us, us to you, and again and again.

But wherever they are, docked in water or stored on dry land, the boats still exist.

They’re still there.

Unless they belong to Russian oligarchs and then they’ve probably been seized.

Have a great Wednesday.

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