Aunty Ida has the answers


She can’t cure everything.

It’s possible she can’t cure anything.

But she does have a way with brains.


Six more weeks of winter?! Cozy time!


Make the most of the long winter ahead (according to one certain groundhog with a persistent shadow) and use the cozy time to curl up little mystery. Well, cozy time for everyone but Venetia. She’s too busy figuring out who murdered her cousin.

And why.


Want to control time?


These days, who doesn’t? It would definitely come in handy. Unless it goes like this.


Realish World Got You Down?



Take a little respite from life. Aunty Ida can make you forget all about it.

Just maybe not in the way you think.


Get Away for a While


Definitely better than what’s going on right now.


Plus there’s eavesbraining, so there’s that.

Better Living is FREE. Download Some Weird


Want a free book? Because here’s a free book! It’s a collection of quick short stories.



Mental Break


If you need a mental break like I need a mental break, check out Aunty Ida.*

*(Caution: Don’t let Aunty Ida get too deeply into your mental. Just trust me on this one. For realsies.)