More Butterflies! So Many Butterflies!


IMG_3099I shared a single butterfly yesterday, and I know it’s been a photo-heavy week, but I can’t resist sharing more. The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Butterflies & Blooms exhibit — a permanent structure with net walls and a net ceiling — absolutely teems with a wide variety of butterflies. Some of them are the size of small birds, and just as fast or faster.

Not easy to capture.

Plus, my camera battery died, which is a frustrating moment. I need to get back up batteries. Or at least a back up battery. But I had my little camera, and got a few shots with it as well.

I have no idea of any of the species, so feel free to identify if you do!

IMG_3259 IMG_3435 IMG_3007 IMG_3092 IMG_3129 IMG_3163
IMG_3172 IMG_3207 IMG_3252





























I wish I’d gotten some pictures that really gave the sense of the ethereal loveliness of the masses of them flying around, but it was tough to capture.

And now from the little camera:

DSCF0518 DSCF0527 DSCF0528

















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