I can’t think about anything else.


By Beth (https://www.flickr.com/photos/laundry/4949030346/) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I am consumed with parents torn from children, children torn from parents, babies in cages with other babies; babies in cages alone.

There are no lighthearted posts about writing and minutia and breezes and sun in me right now.

All I can think about:  children in tents in 104 degree temperatures.

Children officials say will likely never see their parents again.

This used to be America.

It’s not anymore.

And think of the cost of doing this, of separating families. Of the infrastructure. What is the purpose aside from abject cruelty?

If you have Republican reps, demand they join in Sen. Feinstein’s bill to end family separation. Republicans have said a lot of words but haven’t done anything.

And don’t be fooled by Cruz’s bill; it’s actually intended to bring harsher conditions to immigrants and finance trump’s wall.

Protest marches against child concentration camps info


As promised, here is the information for the marches in protest of the childen’s concentration camps. How this isn’t the only thing everyone is focusing on I just don’t know.

These children will have lasting trauma from what this regime is inflicting.

Participate. Contact your representatives. Don’t be fooled if your Republican reps are talking about how bad it is; until they actually sign Sen. Feinstein’s Keeping Families Together Act, it’s nothing but noise.