Dreaming of California Gold? Here are Fascinating Facts, Mysteries and Myths About U.S. Coins


Coins are far more interesting than they may look. With all the talk of gold coins centering around a California couple who found a rusty can full, it’s a great time to dig into some of the tales and legends revolving around the not-always-so-humble coin.

It’s also a good time to learn a new word: numismatics, the study of coins.

Fascinating Facts, Mysteries and Myths About U.S. Coins by Robert R. Van Ryzin. Amazon for $9.39. Who were the models for the Indian Head nickel?
Why is it called the Orphan Annie?
What is the King of American Coins?

Fascinating Facts, Myths and Mysteries about U.S. Coins is a compilation of some of the more intriguing stories in the history of U.S. Mint coinage. Some are based on facts. Others are hobby myths. All of them make for entertaining reading. Read about:

The five-known 1913 Liberty head nickels
Augustus Staint-Gaudens and his famed gold $20
The short-lived 20-cent piece
The $1 million coin exhibit
The reason for the Liberty cover-up on the Standing Liberty quarter