#WednesdayWisdom: Drama.


I’m late posting today because I’ve been involved in some chat room drama.

Dramatic drama.

Spurred by a dramatic return by someone who made a dramatic exit. I will spare you the gory dramatic details, but I find myself fascinated by how much like junior high things can get in the span of less than a morning if you have the right agitators involved.

Which got me thinking about writing. Which these things do. Because nothing is better writing fodder than people who act in ways that are both predictable and yet surprising.

As real people do.

Observing conflict in the wild, even conflict aimed at you (which this was) can help with plot and character development. In fiction, our characters always seem to have clear, definite motivations. People need to want something, if only a glass of water, to paraphrase the Great Kurt Vonnegut.


Sometimes, the motivation we give them in a story is bigger, deeper, grander than it has to be. Think about the contrast if something huge and story-shaping comes from something small or petty. Like in life, the small things snowball, and that can make for something compelling.

So see? Even a weird, not great morning can be inspiring. Or, scratch that, weird, not great mornings can be especially inspiring.

Hope you have a great, not-weird Wednesday.

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