Adorable Video Friday!


So it’s Friday, it’s been a long, wild week in the world, and I had such a blast the last time I did this, I decided that I would share some more silly, adorable videos. Why not head into the weekend smiling?

I hope you enjoy them too! And I hope you have a marvelous, relaxing and wonderful weekend.


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Cutest Videos Ever and My Q&A Today!


So weird not to have an installment of Jane Storegoer today! Jane’s tale is all complete, but we can still have fun…at my Comedy Book Week Q&A! Ever wonder what the other side of my head looks like? You can come find out AND ask me questions. It’s like heaven.

A very low expectation heaven.

And before it starts at noon Central U.S. time, you can take a stab at defining a word I made up to win a copy of Aunty Ida!

And now, for sitting through all of that, and hopefully clicking the links and hanging out (it’ll be fun! I assume!) here is a collection of what I got when I googled the cutest videos ever.

Please prepare for cuteness overload.