#MondayThoughts: Mondaying up our Monday


We’re all tired. We’re all grumpy. And it’s Monday.

So here’s what I suggest. Let’s make it the Mondayist of Mondays, full of Mondayliciousness. Who’s with me?

Give me a half-shrug and an tepid “eh!”

There’s the spirit! So…how do we Monday it up? Start something. ANYTHING. Monday is the non-official beginning of the week, so make it the official beginning of something else. Whatever you want.

Thinking of starting an exercise program? Monday it up! Got a writing project rattling around your head? Get all Monday on its not-fleshed-out behind!

Pick one thing, large or small, and just start it. Give Monday a wave and let it energize you. Even if that thing you start today is something that will make the Mondays of the future more palatable.

Carve yourself out a little pocket of yes. And now that we’re pumped up, or at least marginally less deflated, have a great Monday.

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